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Hi, I'm Marlon Wayne. I'm a UX designer and marketer. I've had big roles at small brands and small roles at big brands. I love building new things. Check out some projects below.


VTE YZY is a parody campaign based on Kanye's declaration at the 2015 VMAs. The design pays homage to the artists previous albums, signature style, and prior presidential campaigns.

Ranked Questions

Impulse is an app that I've been working on for nearly a year. It features anonymous voting and a simple swipe based card design. My goal was to create multiple choice and ranked options that maintained the simplicity of a swipe. After many iterations, I arrived at the above conclusion. Tap a maximum of 2 times (choose your favorite and then second favorite) and then swipe to confirm. This project required utilizing Sketch, Photoshop, Invision Studio, Rotato, After Effects, iMovie, and Handbrake.


Remic is a fun mobile app where you create beats using small sound bytes. Friends can tag on with their own sounds and you choose how many times to loop...while always being on beat.


Parco is the app to find friends in large venues. Using Bluetooth 5.0 and AR, Parco solves the last mile problem when trying to locate someone.

Parco Logo Concepts
Parco Logo Final

Parco was a weekend project, completed in 4 hours, to refresh some design skills and play in Sketch. Because I was working as a marketer for a venture capital firm, at the time, I wasn't getting a lot of opportunity to build my design skills. A buddy of mine, Felix, and I came up with Parco many years prior and decided to revisit the concept. It is for this reason that the icon started as a lime and lily white color. From there, the shape quickly evolved, and I began to incorporate gradients and, ultimately, change to the Red-Fuschia-Coquelicot combination seen in the final icon.

Another challenge of Parco was in utilizing the same shapes throughout the design. I wanted to utilize the same elements as much as possible, so the logo broke down to become the compass and the friends icon and location icon. The one I'm most proud of is the maps icon, which looks so obvious in retrospect, but took a long time to arrive at. The M shape combined with the open map styling, created this instantly recognizable icon when seen in context of the app.

Parco Logo Concepts
Parco Logo Concepts

Thanks for checking out my work. If you want to work together, reach out on LinkedIn, shoot me a tweet, or reach out via email.

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